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Ticket Center

Staying in town? Then watch the games with us, but why should your tickets go to waste?

Tally Tide members have tickets available for every game and are often willing to sell for face value. As an officially sanctioned Alumni Association Chapter the Tally Tide also holds two sets season tickets for use among our members.

Tickets are used for chapter purposes only and are sold only to active Tally Tide members in good standing.

Recent News

Season Wrap-Up

Hi gang, the season's going to be over before we know it, and while the loyal base of members who've turned out have been wonderful, we are eager to get your feedback on what worked, and more importantly, what didn't work this season. I've heard a few folks ask about the location, about contacting other members, about getting football tickets through the chapter, and about how we aren't giving enough notice before events.   I promise you that we'll be working on all of it to make sure that

Western Kentucky Watching Woes?

Can the Tide crest the Hilltoppers? Well, we're 40 point favorites this Saturday, but the game is only carried on ESPN 3 and no watch party has been organized for this game. Still, if you need your fill of Alabama football this weekend, be sure to check on ESPN3.com, or Xbox Live.

Bama Beats Michigan!

Great turnout last week for the Cowboy Classic game, despite being on a holiday weekend and competing with the FSU Game, we had a great turnout of committed Alabama fans. Our apologies to those who arrived early for FSU vs. Murray State and found Finnegan's empty and the game not on TV!  We are working out the kinks as we go and hope to have things well in hand by the next official Watch Party on Sept. 15th at 3:30.

New Members!

Hello Tally Tide and welcome to the 2012-13 year! Thank you to all who came out to the Fall Kick-Off at the 5th Avenue Tap Room. The Tally Tide now has north of forty official members in good-standing and I suspect we will hit fifty by season's end! Keep in touch as we continue to build our membership and services.

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